Live Audio Feed Server Build

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So, here’s the jist of our current build: We’re bringing in the live audio from the surrounding counties using a GRE PRO-2096 digital trunk tracking scanner which is tuned to Fire/EMS/Police Dispatch and TAC/OPS channels for Wake and Johnston County’s, with priority set to Johnston’s VHF paging system, at the moment, due to me running their calls for photos. I have one TRS output from the receiver’s external speaker jack going to a set of amplified desktop speakers and the other (coming off of a Y-Splitter) is going into the sound card of my production server. I finally made the switch over from the development server earlier yesterday, with a few upgrades along the way.

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It’s been a while… but I’ve been crazy busy lately. But here’s my new server build 🙂

So first off, I learned how to use wget to download a password protected (read: authentication required) file on a remote server. It’s actually much easier than I anticipated and only took around 15 minutes to figure out. Here’s the jist…

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#!, OpenBox and Conky

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OpenBox + Conky on CrunchBang

OpenBox + Conky on CrunchBang

I asked a question regarding CrunchBang last night in the largest Linux group on Facebook and after some serious debate, I set off in installing it on my Lenovo S9 netbook.

I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s extremely stable, very fast and I must say that it looks pretty damn good!

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War Driving 101
War Driving 101

Getting Started

In order to follow this tutorial, you must have either a working LiveCD/USB disto of Linux or a bootable distro on your hard drive. I am using Ubuntu 10.04LTS for this tutorial and it is tailored as such. If your distro is different, modify your commands appropriately (ie, yum/RPM instead of aptitude). Read the rest of this entry »

Do you have a Dynamic WAN IP address for your homebrew server? Do you need a way to keep track of the address in the likely event that it changes?

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